Adult Outdoor Spring 2024

Cycle Dates: Apr 22nd - May 19th
Duration: 4 weeks

Power Hour Program

60 minute program with a focus on technical and situational development and point play. Classes are run within a high cardio dynamic to maximize the amount of balls hit. Three levels; Learn to Play (beg), Play Better (inter) and Performance (advanced). Great way to meet new level appropriate players!

Learn to Play (New)9:00-10:00 amWednesday152AmoryRegister Now
Learn to Play6:30-7:30 pmWednesday152WaldsteinRegister Now
Learn to Play (New)6:30-7:30 pmThursday152WaldsteinRegister Now
Learn to Play5:30-6:30 pmFriday152AmoryRegister Now
Learn to Play11:00-12:00 pmSaturday152AmoryRegister Now
Learn to Play11:00-12:00 pmSunday152AmoryRegister Now
Play Better6:30-7:30 pmTuesday152WaldsteinRegister Now
Play Better (New)7:30-8:30 pmWednesday152WaldsteinRegister Now
Play Better (New)8:30-9:30 pmThursday152WaldsteinRegister Now
Play Better (New)9:00-10:00 amFriday152AmoryRegister Now
Play Better6:30-7:30 pmFriday152WaldsteinRegister Now
Play Better8:00-9:00 amSaturday152AmoryRegister Now
Play Better10:00-11:00 amSaturday152AmoryRegister Now
Play Better9:00-10:00 amSunday152AmoryRegister Now
Play Better (New)12:00-1:00 pmSunday152AmoryRegister Now
Performance6:30-7:30 pmMonday152WaldsteinRegister Now
Performance (New)9:00-10:00 amTuesday152AmoryRegister Now
Performance (New)8:30-9:30 pmWednesday152WaldsteinRegister Now
Performance7:30-8:30 pmThursday152WaldsteinRegister Now
Performance (New)8:30-9:30 pmThursday152WaldsteinRegister Now
Performance9:00-10:00 amSaturday152AmoryRegister Now
Performance (New)12:00-1:00 pmSaturday152AmoryRegister Now
Performance8:00-9:00 amSunday152AmoryRegister Now
Performance10:00- 11:00 amSunday152AmoryRegister Now

Live Ball Program

Rally’s are 90 minute programs that focus on situational tennis: emphasis on developing better doubles players through positioning, shot selection and the development of a “playbook” in a round robin format. P-90’s are run within a high cardio dynamic focusing on situational games played in a fun, competitive 90 minute session. Live Ball programs are designed for players able to serve, rally and play points. Two levels; Rally 1 (intermediate) and Rally 2 (advanced) options.

P-9010:00-11:30 amMonday184AmoryRegister Now
P-905:30-7:00 pmTuesday184AmoryRegister Now
P-9010:00-11:30 amWednesday184AmoryRegister Now
P-905:30-7:00 pmThursday184AmoryRegister Now
P-9010:00-11:30 amFriday184AmoryRegister Now
Morning Rally 110:00-11:30 amTuesday184AmoryRegister Now
Morning Rally 110:00-11:30 amThursday184AmoryRegister Now
Rally NIte 15:30-7:00 pmMonday184AmoryRegister Now
Rally Nite 17:30-9:00 pmMonday184WaldsteinRegister Now
Rally Nite 1 (New)7:30-9:00 pmFriday184WaldsteinRegister Now
Rally Nite 27:30-9:00 pmMonday184WaldsteinRegister Now
Rally Nite 27:30-9:00 pmTuesday184WaldsteinRegister Now
Rally Nite 25:30-7:00 pmWednesday184AmoryRegister Now
Rally Nite 2 (New)7:30-9:00 pmFriday184WaldsteinRegister Now


  • Cancellation Policy
    * Cancellations before the first day of a new cycle may receive a full credit on account
    * All credit card refunds will be assessed a 3% cancellation fee if cancelled before 14 days of the first day of the new cycle.
    * All credit card refunds will be assessed a 10% cancellation fee if cancelled within 14 days of the first day of the new cycle
    *** We don’t accept American Express as a form of payment

NETRESULTS reserves the right to move players either up or down in level of play

Learn to Play : Beginner adults that have had minimal or no prior experience playing
Play Better: Intermediate adults that have had lessons prior but not yet playing matches
Performance: Advanced adults that are current or former players that have match experience

P-90’s : Advanced players looking for more doubles situational focus
Rally 1: Intermediate players looking for more pro monitored doubles point play
Rally 2: Advanced players with match experience focusing on strategy, positioning and shot selection