Please let us know what you think about your NETRESULTS tennis programming, your experience with our customer service and makeup policy and your feedback on your time spent on the clay courts at Amory Park

.With YOUR help, our goal is to continue to offer the finest tennis activities, programming, lessons, and service in the area!

Thank you for taking the time to tell us what you think…


This is tennis teaching at its finest! I am so thrilled with the high-quality instruction that my son is receiving through Netresults. He is having a fantastic time and steadily improving. We re-register season after season. So glad this is available in Brookline!

Anne R

I love NETRESULTS Tennis! David and his team have an excellent tennis program. I play at Amory and the courts have improved so much over the years.I love the drop in clinics and have met so many people. My children have also benefited from tennis instruction. The clinics have helped them develop skills and now they are competing. Tommy is great!


We both took your classes this past spring and summer. We had a really good time and enjoyed our experiences thoroughly. The quality of instruction was quite high, and we would definitely recommend your programs to our friends.

Rob D

I am so glad I found this program. It is difficult to find a place to play my favorite sport during the long winter at a reasonable price. This program allows me to keep up (actually, improve) my tennis game, get some much-needed exercise and have a great time even when it’s snowing! I look forward to continuing the program and hope you can add even more days/times.

Scott W

Thanks for putting together a well run program that is easy to enroll in and gives a good work out. This is my second year participating and I enjoy the year round clinics and the fun atmosphere. Each year seems to get better and better. Keep up the good work.


I was recommended by a friend to NETRESULTS Tennis because my 5 year-old son wanted to learn how to play tennis. Private lessons were costly and he didn’t seem to enjoy himself very much. However that changed when he started with NETRESULTS. The instructors are so good with children, especially Tommy. He keeps the lessons fun and interesting! The instructors explain and demonstrate the techniques well and my son is having fun learning how to play tennis with children his age. We are also able to make up for lessons missed and Tina is always so kind and nice about it! I would highly recommend NETRESULTS Tennis to anyone keen on tennis or looking to simply try it out for the first time.

Christine Lau

My children and I have been participating in a combination of group lessons, clinics and tennis camp for the past few years with NETRESULTS tennis. Not only is the tennis and the instruction great, but also the community David and the pros have built at Amory and Waldstein has been an extra bonus. NETRESULTS attracts a really nice group of people and the tennis program have made Brookline an even more attractive place to live. Tommy and Nico are awesome and make playing tennis fun for the family.


Netresults has been a wonderful program for our son. David and his crew are amazing at connecting with each child, keeping the lessons fun, challenging and rewarding. It’s great exercise and instruction in a “life sport” that will stay with him forever.

Anne T

The classes are great! David and the team fantastic. As professional as you can get!
The training is thoughtful and I totally appreciate the input they give us to understand what we are doing at every stage. We moved to Brookline recently and I must say that the classes, their organization and service provided has add a wonderful dimension to living in Brookline for our family.
I’m hooked!

Rahul M

I have been participating in the Tennis program for years and have enjoyed every session. Great instruction. Great way to get exercise all year long. So glad NETRESULTS is here in Brookline!!!

Rob G

It’s been very gratifying watching my kids grow so much in their techniques and their love in tennis by playing with NETRESULTS throughout the years. Many thanks to David, Tina and all the phenomenal coaches for running such amazing tennis programs for us in Brookline.

Belinda H

My kids always have fun at NETRESULTS while becoming stronger tennis players. Tommy handles every kid’s unique abilities with humor and kindness and encouragement. Can’t say enough good things about this program!

Lauren Heller

I can’t say enough great things about David and NETRESULTS. I have been playing at Amory for almost 20 years and it is better run and better maintained than at anytime during those years. Both my children have grown up playing with NETRESULTS as have many of their friends.The programs have raised the level of tennis and the sense of community throughout Brookline.

I look forward to many years of tennis with the NETRESULTS team of staff and instructors!



Michael Siegel

NETRESULTS provides a tremendous service to the community. Their commitment to ensuring that all residents (adults and kids) of Brookline and surrounding areas have access to great tennis training, at an affordable price, is unparalleled. I doubt another program would be as committed and effective in ensuring that people who want to learn and improve their tennis skills would have access to top-of-class coaching in such a great, and affordable, environment. We have been very pleased with our years in their programs and look forward to many more years to come.

Ashima Dayal

I love tennis and had not been able to play for almost 5 years. I started lessons this Fall and have had a wonderful time. Wish I had started earlier!! There are 2 facts that I like about this program: (1) Classes are small, and (2) Coaches make an effort to know everyone’s name and give individual tips to improve.

I am also impressed with your coaching of the kids and hope to see some of them play on the professional circuit in the future!!

Sowmya R

Niko is a great coach and a joy to train with. The Waldstein and the Tappan Pavilion courts are extremely convenient and easy to access. Additionally the time of the adult clinics are incredible since I tend to work late at night. Thanks for offering a convenient way to play tennis!

Matt Chang

We recently moved to Brookline and are thrilled to have found NETRESULTS! Our son takes a weekly tennis class and loves it. His skills have improved, he’s made new friends and the directors of the program make it easy to register and attend class. The times are convenient, the locations are great (both outdoor and indoor) and we’ve easily rescheduled any classes we’ve missed. NETRESULTS has been a great find for us!

Raquel Grosman

Last Friday at Devotion School playground, I witnessed four 6th grade boys playing fierce tennis. All of these boys are your students. I think you’ve got an amazing program…and I think Brookline High should know. Is this BHS’s future tennis team?

Kathleen M

The NETRESULTS program in Brookline is fantastic – it has been a great opportunity for people of all levels to improve and has created a really great tennis community in Brookline! Lessons have been a great combination of improving technique and strategy while playing games. It’s also a great way to meet other players of the same level!


Superbly run operation and excellent coaches. I have participated in NETRESULTS Tennis programs for several years and I know that if it were not for this program I would not have been able to restart tennis after a 10+ year hiatus. So glad to have this program in Brookline!

Nikhil B

NETRESULTS Tennis has become an important staple in my life. They offer a variety of different ways to play and the instruction is fantastic. Playing tennis each morning at Amory Park is the highlight of my summer. I can’t think of a better way to get outside, get exercise, and make friends. The children’s instruction is also exceptional.

Diana N

I can\’t say enough great things about David and NETRESULTS. I have been playing at Amory for almost 20 years and it is better run and better maintained than at anytime during those years. Both my children have grown up playing with NETRESULTS as have many of their friends.The programs have raised the level of tennis and the sense of community throughout Brookline.

I look forward to many years of tennis with the NETRESULTS team of staff and instructors!



Michael Siegel

My daughters started playing about 6 years ago with the NETRESULTS program. The whole program, including the clinics, summer camps and private lessons, has been an excellent way for them to learn the game and technique, and has enabled them to progress to the Varsity tennis team at their high school.

The Amory and Waldstein courts are convenient, popular and well maintained. The variety of classes offered for all different levels is great, and there is good flexibility in being able to do make-up classes. The coaches are excellent. Tommy makes the kids classes really fun and keeps them coming back for more. Niko has been instrumental in taking the girls’ game to the next level and is the best coach ever! Having never played before, I picked up a racket about 4 years ago and with Niko’s patient coaching and expertise I can now keep up with my teenage daughters.

The program is excellent value, does not require expensive membership fees, and has also helped us to meet some great families and friends in the Brookline area. Thank you to all the team at NETRESULTS!


My family is so happy with the services that you bring to Brookline. The staff is always so courteous and the instruction is A+. I began as a novice player in your Learn to Play class and am now playing in doubles matches! Thanks for the variety of programming and flexibility with your makeup system.We wish you had more availability indoors as classes sell out so quickly.

Alexa J

David, my children, Rose, Kathy and John, have very much enjoyed your tennis programs. They went most weeks the last two summers and I could not believe how much they have learned. Plus John continued with your programs during the fall and winter and continued to develope into a very good tennis player.
Also you were always flexible with the schedule and I though always very fair with the fees. Good luck in 2009. Bob Fessler

Bob F

I really like how Tommy teaches tennis to the kids. They have a lot of fun with the different games, but at the same time, they are learning how to play well with others. The exercise and skill building, of course, is the best part of the class. Great job team!

Victor Viktorov

After a ten year hiatus, the program was a great way to get back into the game. I started in summer 2008, and I’ve signed up every since. I particularly appreciate the flexibility of make-up sessions, especially if you have a somewhat unpredictable work schedule.

Phillip S

I appreciate NETRESULTS for providing me access to affordable tennis instruction that is fun and motivating. All of the staff are invested in players’ experiences; their instruction is extremely helpful. And the positive energy the NETRESULTS team creates is apparent in the sense of community established among players. Thanks for getting me back on the courts, after 20 years!

Sara N

My family has been enjoying lessons with NETRESULTS for years now. The instructors are excellent and friendly and they offer a range of lessons for all levels for adults and children. I think one of the best things is that NETRESULTS has connected us with other players who we’ve now been playing with for years. The costs are very reasonable considering the experience level of the instructors and they offer a variety of class types that change through the season to help you advance your play, keep skills up during the winter and have a lot of fun in the warmer months outside. Tennis is now a sport our family really enjoys and the NETRESULTS program really made that happen!

Emily T

My family is so happy with the services that you bring to Brookline. The staff is always so courteous and the instruction is A+. I began as a novice player in your Learn to Play class and am now playing in doubles matches! Thanks for the variety of programming and flexibility with your makeup system. We wish you had more availability indoors as classes sell out so quickly.

Alexa J

All five of us love playing tennis at Amory and Waldstein with NETRESULTS. The coaches are wonderful, the courts are in excellent condition, and the availability of instruction is great.

Mike Platt

Thanks for all your efforts on the Netresults Tennis Program, it has certainly paid off. The program is as well run on the court as it is managing the scheduling and registration.

I’ve been a participant for 2 years now, and have watched it grow and prosper – it just keeps getting better and better.

I look forward to seeing what the future holds and how you will continue to improve and enhance what is already a great experience.

It is a real benefit to the Town of Brookline to have such a top-notch program right here in our own backyard.

Netresults is one more reason for me to be happy about calling Brookline home. Thanks again.

Keith C

We live in Brookline and my girls have been taking tennis lessons at Waldstein park and at the high school for the past year. Tommy is a wonderful teacher. I cannot day enough good things about his lessons. The kids have a blast and there is not a boring moment. They have taken many classes: ballet, soccer, swimming.. this is the most fun they have ever had and they always look forward to it. I have seen them learn and improve while enjoying it all along, and this is all I can hope for as a parent. We hope the program remains in the Brookline / Waldstein area. Thank you!!

Marina Zompatori

I’ve been playing tennis at Amory Park on and off for decades. When I was a teenager, my impression was that the courts were great. When I moved back to Brookline in 2005 I found that they had deteriorated and seemed more like dirt courts than clay or Har-Tru courts. Since NETRESULTS took over, I’ve seen improvements each year and greater participation by residents than ever before. It is very difficult to maintain clay courts properly and yet NETRESULTS is putting the time and effort in, and the attention to detail, that makes these courts play well. As we get older, a lot of us cannot play on hard courts any longer. Amory is a godsend for us and a gem in the community. It is one of the reasons that I still live in Brookline.

I need to also point out that the adult programs that are offered at Amory are excellent and the professional staff is outstanding. The programs, the participation and the management and maintenance of the courts all combine to make the Amory Park Tennis Center a vibrant, lively and entertaining spot in our Town.

Kudos to David MacBurnie, Niko and the rest of the staff for their wonderful contributions to Brookline Tennis.

Russell Frye

Thank you for putting together a strong program to introduce my kids to tennis. The team of instructors reach each student at his/her level, making sure that the kids are not only engaged and learning, but also having fun!


“David and his staff have a professional and friendly approach.
I had the chance to participate in various events organized by NETRESULTS and they were always fun. I not only made new tennis friends, but also improved my game. My daughter is following my steps, she has been taking classes for the last few years. Though she has a long way to go, I can see the improvements. NETRESULTS is a great place for kids and adults to learn, play and practice a sport we all love. I strongly recommend NETRESULTS to players of all levels”.

Marina I. Blumenthal

I enrolled with Netresults when they first began servicing Brookline in 2006 and have enjoyed playing tennis ever since. This caught the attention of my 2 kids and now they are hooked! Tennis has become an important part of our lives and we have made new friends and associations these past few years.
We’ve been very pleased with the attention, professionalism, and dedication from the entire Netresults organization. They are serious about bringing tennis to our community.

I hope the town can encourage this growth by updating the main facilities at Waldstein and BHS. It would be a shame if this ground swell grinds to a halt just as the popularity of the program is starting to reach its potential. I imagine there is so much local interest that one day we will see a new tennis rivalry forming between Brookline and nearby Newton and Wellesley.
If so, I want the staff at Netresults to be on our side.

Lee Y

Many thanks to David and his team for a challenging, fun program that has helped me improve my tennis game dramatically over the past two years. This program is an asset to the Brookline community and I look forward to participating in any expansion Netresults can undertake!


I am so glad that I found this program. I have attended classes for the last one year and really enjoy being part of the program. It gives me not only the possibility to play my favorite sport but to learn so much from the professional teachers. I hope you can add more classes and locations in the future! I don’t live in Brookline and feel jealous for its residents to have such a program nearby.


NETRESULTS is awesome, just awesome! I schedule Sundays so my son can take a kids class while I take an adult class. Tommy is great with the kids and keeps them interested with games. Niko has helped my game significantly. The drills keep me on my toes and put me in game situations.

I look forward to many years of side by side lessons with my son, at least until he beats me, Then, not so much.

Alon and Elias Landa

I was very pleased with the Intermediate 2008 summer doubles program. The comments you provided me were very helpful. I also appreciated your very friendly approach. Additionally, the 1.5 hour slot provided for an excellent workout. I look forward to participating in future NETRESULTS programs.

I also have found the matching list that you have provided to be a very useful way to find players at my level.

Steve L

Thanks so much for providing a truly professional level of tennis coaching for children and adults in Brookline. Both of my children have thoroughly enjoyed your sessions all year long and I am delighted to have a place to learn and play tennis – esp. during the winter months. I hope the town will provide more space for your programming since we plan to be loyal Netresults clients well into the future!


I am currently participating in the fall adult program- beginner power hour. I came across netresults while doing a little research on local programs for myself and friends. I quickly became the painful customer that asks a million questions, but David and Tina patiently answered them all. I have been to two classes now and have been very pleased with the program. While private lessons are great, group lessons can be just as valuable. With a group, you have an opportunity to learn from both your mistakes and the mistakes of others, and you have an opportunity to play with someone other than the “pro” instructor. All in all, a good program! I will likely continue on and sign up for the winter adult program.

Jamie W

great coaches, great customer service communication, very convenient location. Hope to stay with them for many more years.
Thank you!

Alex Ebralidze

I’ve been playing tennis with NETRESULTS since 2010 and its been a fantastic experience. The Amory tennis courts are like a private oasis and its great in the summer to be able to walk there and play whenever I want or just hang out. I even enjoy playing in the gym during the winter! Niko, Tommy and Lucas are awesome instructors and we always have a blast. I’ve improved my game and made some great tennis partners and friends over the past 8 years and have David and Tina to thank for that. Looking forward to many more years!

Debbie R

David MacBurnie and his team of coaches helped reinvigorate tennis in my life. They are not only great players, but exceptional teachers.

Thank you guys for creating such a fun and rewarding atmosphere, and for encouraging students to get on the courts together outside of classes and clinics too!

I’m looking forward to more tennis, more learning, and more fun with Netresults for years to come.

Will R

NETRESULTS is awesome and one of best programs Brookline offers! I have been playing with them for a few years, and the program is a fun way to improve your tennis game, stay fit, and meet new people. Please keep it going!


I looove attending NetResults adult tennis clinics. They are a ton of fun and really enjoyable. I look forward to signing up for my 4th or 5th clinic soon (I have taken so many I forgot how many!)

Abby W

Terrific instruction! I love the fact that in addition to learning about tennis strokes and strategy, I get a great cardio workout. I just wish there were more classes!


I’ve been very impressed with the weekly clinics I’ve been attending for almost a year. All of the pros are great instructors and seem to divide their attention equally on all players. I’ve been able to meet other players at my level, and I look forward to playing each week!

Orla B

I just wanted to thank you all again for the great work you are doing. I have been taking lessons from Netresults for more than a year now and have enjoyed it immensely. I got to learn a lot (and I am still learning) to improve my game while having a lot of fun. I could only wish if they were more court hours and facilities especially for the winter. Keep up with the good work!

Nathalie A

Hi – our 3 sons have participated in your summer program and enjoyed and benefited from it immensely. I look forward to when you can expand both the youth and adult program for more advanced players. Our children would love to form a brookline team through you to play against other clubs/towns. You have really excited the town with your excellent program and are, for the first time, really bringing tennis to brookline. we want more!!!
thanks for your good work.

Sandra C

This program has done wonders for my children.David and his team are teachers who train as well as inspire. Govind has developed tennis skills beyond expectation. All the best to you!

Manika S

Great way to spend a winter afternoon on the indoor courts. The NETRESULTS teachers kept my 3 boys (age 11, 8 and 5) running around with games and developing new skills. They were very excited to come back this year.

Clare Horkan

Our kids have been working with the NETRESULTS team for years. With the little kids, Tommy and the other instructors make the lessons fun, so they don’t realize they’re learning a lot of skills. Since the instructors are all great players, they also provide great challenges for older players, too. It’s great to see how much our kids look forward to the sessions!

Aaron and Jennifer Kesselheim

Awe-inspiring. That’s how I describe NetResults to friends. My 10-year-old daughter is not a joiner and generally has to be pushed into extracurriculars. Not so with David and Tina and their team. She eagerly slips into her tennis-ball inspired sneakers and heads off to class every Wednesday night. She loves the teachers, loves the games they invent to keep her on her toes, loves how she keeps improving and improving under their warm and watchful eyes. I am so, so grateful that NetResults has come to Brookline. May they remain here forever.

Thea S

Taking tennis lessons with Netresults is one of the best experiences my son had since he came to the U.S. from Japan one and a half year ago. Having lesson with David, my son not only have learned to play better but also been really enjoying playing tennis. To my happy surprise, he is now hoping to play competitively when he enters high school. David is an experienced coach and great with children. In addition, he and his staffs are very good coaches for adults, too. I found that out when I took lessons with Netresults during the summer.

Reiko N

The Netresults tennis program can, and should be, the barometer to which all municipal tennis programs are measured. Brookline has something very special with this program and I urge any city or town in the USA to come and check it out.

Netresults is a program based on heatlh, wellness, learning and community. It’s perfect.

Henry S

NETRESULTS is fantastic. I’d never taken lessons previously, and I learned a ton from Niko and the other instructors. I definitely recommend it, even if you’re a total beginner.


Thank you so much for providing such a professional coaching for kids.The most amazing thing about your coaches are they are very serious and at the same time the the friendliest ones ever. My son has a great time on Sundays and I can see how he and all the kids have progressed during the Spring and Fall sessions.
I hope during the next summer, in addition to the summer camp, you can offer different schedule to meet everyones’ need. Once again I am so happy and grateful that netresults has come to brookline and wish that the Town can provide whatever assistance so that you can stay forever.


I really enjoy the lessons, in just one hour I am able to cycle through all the basic moves, strategies and positions. It’s intensive without being intimidating and it’s a great way to work off dinner and wine.

The high standards of the whole program is a valuable asset to Brookline.

Michael C

I volunteer with the Lawrence School after-school program, and we worked with NetResults this past fall to run our after-school tennis program. The results were great! We have gotten a lot of positive feedback from parents and kids – noting the professional, organized, and top-quality nature of the program. We had more kids who wanted to enroll than we anticipated, and NetResults was able to work with us to expand the program to cover three days a week with multiple classes going on all afternoon. It was great, and we are eagerly looking forward to working with you again in the spring and for coming years.

We have a lot of kids in grades K thru 2 who have not played tennis at all, and the NetResults coaches led by David were wonderful working with them in small groups to really get them enthusiastic about playing and feeling confident with their early skills. David really knows how to inspire kids and coaches alike!

The program also covered up to grades 4-7, and had great results there also – where the kids with intermediate skills were given tips and drills and further training that they really appreciated.

The quality of the coaches and the carefully planned lessons and training activities really stand out to make this a great program. We are very happy that we have started with NetResults, and look forward to expanding in future years!

Mat P

I love this program! There are two main reasons: COST and LOCATIONS. The teachers are good, too 🙂

My son has been reluctant to participate in sports since he was little, but has really enjoyed tennis, which he took as a younger kid and returned to as a middle schooler. He is now feeling confident about something athletic, which has many benefits. I can’t afford the other programs in the area, and Net Results’ prices are lower. He would not have gotten exposure to tennis and found a new passion without NETRESULTS.
Secondly, I don’t have a car, but Amory Park and Waldstein Park are easily accessible on the train. The more costly programs are also in less T-accessible places. Using the parks regularly makes me feel more connected to my community as well.
I took a series of lessons myself a few years ago, and it was great! I had always wanted to try tennis! I can’t continue, due to an injury (not from tennis), but I’m glad I had an AFFORDABLE and LOCAL option.

Keep up the great work!

Dominique Gonyer

I love the Tennis circuit. It is fun and a great way to meet people that love tennis as much as I do. I am looking forward to enroll in the winter season!

Marina B

It’s been a great experience for my son! Since he joined your group, he is more excited about his tennis practice and he said the classes are much better than the one he had in other place.
Keep the great work!


We’ve enjoyed group classes for the entire family – NETRESULTS team of pros is great for any age, and they have an especially engaging staff for juniors. NETRESULTS has also created a fun tennis community – we’ve met so many new people to play with. Also, the Amory courts have been in great shape now that NETRESULTS has been managing them – thank you to David, Tina and the whole team! We hope they\’ll continue to run Brookline’s tennis program for many years to come –

The Sanders