Levy & Russell Defend, 2018 Rough / Smooth Results

2018 Rough & Smooth Mixed Doubles

Amory Park Tennis Center played host to the 2018 Rough and Smooth event Saturday, September 15th. The event was a Mixed Doubles tournament format. Players were all  placed in a Main Draw, losers moved to the 1st Round Consolation draw. Losers in the 2nd round Main Draw were placed into a Reprieve Draw. Losers in the 1st Round Consolation draw were moved into the Lucky Losers draw. Bottom line, all teams played the same amount of tennis win, lose or draw. Final rounds of each of the 4 draws ended up as level appropriate matches.
Players will be provided refreshments during play and awards to all winners. 

2018 Results
Main Draw: Vanessa Levy / Russ Russell 
3rd Place Playoff: Dean and Blanka Bogdanovic
Reprieve Draw: Tina Kopelman / Derrick Choi
1st Round Draw: Patty / Kevin McHugh
Lucky Loser Draw: Gabriella Santiago / Karl Wichorek