This camp is designed to quench the thirst of the young junior players wanting to fast track their development that includes technical growth, physical development, tactical exposure and how to become better match players through a progression of training designed specifically for the junior player wanting more!

All of our HP coaches have competed at the highest levels in the world and are here to share their experiences with the junior players of Brookline.

The program will be divided into green ball advanced training and adult yellow for the players over 12 yrs and will follow a training regimen that is designed to enhance all facets of development.


  • Ground stroke
  • Transition/net play
  • Serve/return
  • Footwork


  • Master shot sequences and court positioning to help execute successful match strategy


  • Efficient and effective court movement techniques
  • How to increase balance
  • Generate more power

Match Strategy

Identify opponent’s strengths, weaknesses and style of play
Develop winning strategies and closing combinations


  • Strength
  • Power
  • Movement
  • Speed/agility
  • Flexibility
  • Endurance

High Performance Level

  • ATP I: (Ages 10-12) Intermediate level, jrs with lesson experience just starting to play matches
  • ATP II: (Ages 12-16) Advanced players, juniors that have begun tournament or high school team play