Between our experienced coaching, proven methodology, and the positive energy created, participants develop, compete and grow. No other developmental tennis program in the area is better at helping your child become a more passionate and better player.

We are fortunate to have former jr world ranked players as part of our instructional staff this summer; a great dynamic of experience and energy. We look forward to the opportunity to enhance your child’s passion for the game of tennis.

Players are evaluated on the first day then grouped by skill level and age to ensure the best competitive fit for total development. We have one coach per group / per level of experience

Juniors can be dropped off as early as 9:00 AM when staff arrives, it is suggested to bring a book or a game while staff sets up equipment. The pickup process starts at 12:30 PM once the juniors have picked up equipment and finished with the competition of the day. If there is someone else picking up your child, please make sure to notify staff at drop off. Staff circulates during the pickup process to ensure each child is matched to their level.

Our tennis coaches make sure players are constantly challenged and growing, therefore they can certainly move to different groups, based on their daily performance and individual goals.

The daily competitions are exactly what the juniors are looking for. We know in most instances that our developmental juniors have had zero or minimal exposure to point / match play. It is our job to integrate them into match play in a positive fashion. The daily competitions include; Mon (Point play w/ serves), Tues (Singles round robin within the groups), Wed (Doubles round robin), Thurs (Singles compass draw) and Friday culminates with a Davis Cup team event. Prizes for all week competitions are handed out on Fridays.

Yes, during the first session evaluation, our coaches identify players that still train with red, orange and green dot balls, and/or train in small courts then get placed accordingly.

We institute a gratuitous makeup policy (w/ 24 hr notice) if a child has to be absent for a day, Daily prizes and individual written evaluation handed out on Friday in addition to daily music to train by!

All of our groups spend minimal time in the sun, the training takes place for the juniors on the shady side of the court. The juniors bring their water bottles on court and are encouraged to hydrate every 15 minutes. On days that are a bit warmer, we will have an additional break to the schedule in addition to indoor access. Juniors that need more of a break are encouraged to stay in the shade until they are ready to jump back on court. Indoor facility is used during days of rain.

Dynamic warm up / Divide kids into their groups through an evaluation process
Tennis technical development (area of focus varies by day/week)
Game based play, complimentary to drills of the day either in singles or doubles format
Daily competitions (Singles round robin / doubles round robin / Singles compass draw / Davis Cup team play / Olympics)

The number of juniors per court may vary based on levels of play and registrations, no more than a 7:1 ratio. The pace of the training is set for a high cardio experience each day, the larger groups make it a bit easier for the juniors over the 6 hr day. The larger groups will also be the structure of all competitions for the week, more matches and more competition within each group.

Daily make up sessions (24 hr notice) can be done during other weeks at your convenience and based on availability. There are no refunds as make up opportunities will be plentiful.

We have access to the Indoor Gym.