Jr “Jam Fests”: 2 Saturdays Remain

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NETRESULTS Jr players enjoyed a new round robin format match play hosted at Amory Park this past season. Matches were  hosted Saturday afternoons on the clay, great way to develop more rallies. A maximum of 16 players participated, all grouped by age / ability and the respective size court and ball type according to USTA standards.  Jam Fest Saturday consisted of the following;  (4) 7-9 yr old jrs for 60′ court / orange balls, (4) players 60′ court / green dot balls, (4) 10-12 yr old jrs  full court / green dot balls and (4) older jrs full court / adult balls all competed for fun prizes…

All levels must be able to serve and score to participate, if you’re not sure please contact at dmacburnie@comcast.net. The kids began to prioritize tennis in their athletic menu’s as a result of match play… Jam Fest format fit perfectly into your schedule…90 minutes of competition and off to the next activity!

First 16 juniors registered weekly played!