Adult Indoor Winter

Cycle Dates: Jan 5th – Mar 12th.
Duration: 9 weeks

  WednesdayThursday Saturday
All Tennis indoor Programs Held @ Brookline High School Pavilion
9-10 AMPlay Better
10-11 AM
11 AM-12Performance
12-1 pmPlay Better
6:30-7:30 pmPerformancePerformance
7:30-8:30 pmPlay Better *Play Better / Performance (Adv)
8:30-9:30 pmPerformance *Performance *


  • 9 Session Fee: $315
  • All Brookline Tennis Indoor Programs Held at @ Brookline High School Main Pavilion tennis facility
  • New Cancellation Policy
    * Cancellations before the first day of a new cycle may receive a full credit on account
    * All credit card refunds will be assessed a 3% cancellation fee if cancelled before 14 days of the first day of the new cycle.
    * All credit card refunds will be assessed a 10% cancellation fee if cancelled within 14 days of the first day of the new cycle
  • (*) Indicates 2 court class, ideal for players moving up to the next level
  • NETRESULTS reserves the right to make changes based on the level of players in each class. 
    Do not join a class if you have signs of an illness which may include ever, cough, soar throat, difficulty breathing, gastrointestinal symptoms, abdominal pain, unexplained rash, fatigue, headache, new loss of small/taste, new muscle aches, any other signs of illness.
    * Masks must be worn upon entering and leaving the pavilion in addition to wearing masks while training per order of the MA Governor
    * The stairwell will be marked off, one way traffic up and one way traffic down the stairwell
    * We will be enforcing 6″ social distancing .
    * NETRESULTS 6:1 ratios with only 4 players hitting at a time, 2 will be on training stations with rotations
    * All staff will be required to wear masks at all times
    * Pros will pick up all tennis balls (Players will not touch baskets or tubes)
    * There will be a COVID table setup for hand sanitizing
    * There will be no demo racquets provided



Power Hours are a high energy class that includes cardio, stroke development and situational tennis for each specific level of play for the Brookline community. The focus of our instructional philosophy is our games based approach that makes the learning situational and more fun. The program is also a great way to meet new players of your ability level.

  • Play Better (Advanced Beginners): Adults that have had lessons prior but not yet playing matches
  • Performance (Intermediate): Adults that are current or former players that have match experience