Junior Indoor Fall


Cycle Dates: Oct 27th To Dec 23rd. Duration: 8 / 7 sessions.
Wed: Oct 27th – Dec 22nd
8 Sessions
Thurs: Oct 28th – Dec 23rd 8 SessionsSat: Oct 30th – Dec 18th
7 Sessions

   WednesdayThursday Saturday 
All Tennis indoor Programs Held @ Brookline High School Main Gym
9-10 AMYoung Stars / Futures
10-11 AMYoung Stars / ATP I
11 AM-12Futures *
Noon-1 pmATP I *
6-7 PMATP I *Futures *



  • 8 Session Fee: $280 / 7 Session Fee: $245
  • Sat. 4 week program Oct 30th – Nov 20th (Futures 11 am & ATP I 12 pm) 
  • (*) Denotes two court classes, best for juniors moving up to the next level
  • All Brookline Tennis Indoor Programs Held at @ Brookline High School Main Gym
  • New Cancellation Policy
    * Cancellations before the first day of a new cycle may receive a full credit on account
    * All credit card refunds will be assessed a 3% cancellation fee if cancelled before 14 days of the first day of the new cycle.
    * All credit card refunds will be assessed a 10% cancellation fee if cancelled within 14 days of the first day of the new cycle
  • NO TENNIS: Nov 24th-27th
  • NETRESULTS reserves the right to make changes based on the level of players in each class.

The Junior Program consists of a Developmental and High Performance Programs for the Brookline community. The philosophy of the instructional style is fast paced, high cardio and a games based approach that adds excitement and enjoyment for the kids as they learn through a progression of drills and games specific for each of our levels of play. NETRESULTS, directed by David MacBurnie, will provide high quality instruction, loads of energy and an environment for the kids to realize and attain their potential.


  • Young Stars: (Ages 4-6) Entry level beginners, just starting to develop hand eye skills, loads of fun
  • Futures: (Ages 7-9) Advanced beginners, juniors that have begun instruction but no play

High Performance

  • ATP I: (Ages 10-12) Intermediate level, jrs with lesson experience just starting to play matches
  • ATP II: (Ages 13-16) Intermediate level, juniors playing matches / aspiring high school players


Tennis is Now Sized Right for Age and Ability!

Other youth sports have long used equipment, fields and courts scaled to the size of young kids. Now it’s tennis’ turn! With tennis sized right, kids won’t have to play tennis like adults anymore, making it easier than ever for them to get in the game.

At NETRESULTS Tennis, we strive to make learning and playing tennis fun and easy for all children; the USTA’s guidelines for youth tennis equipment help us achieve this goal. With tennis sized right, balls bounce lower and move slower through the air, making them easier to hit. Kids’ tennis racquets are sized for small hands, making them easier to grip and swing. And courts are smaller, so kids can cover the tennis court and have more success when they play!

These innovative changes help kids achieve greater success – and a lot more fun – right from the start. And, youth tennis is a great way to get your kids active! It’s a sport that gets kids moving, improves balance, agility and hand-eye coordination, and can teach self-confidence and self-assurance – all while allowing them to enjoy themselves in a safe, active environment.

By getting your kids into the game, you’ll be opening a door to a lifetime of enjoyment.

Key Differences and Benefits

Smaller Courts – Tennis courts are smaller and are easier to cover so kids have more success when they play! This helps kids learn tennis faster and develop the skills they need to move on to the next level.

8 and Under
36' x 18' Youth Tennis Court
36′ x 18′
9 – 10
60' x 21' Youth Tennis Court
60′ x 21′
11 and Up
78' x 27' Youth Tennis Court
78′ x 27′

Modified Tennis Balls – Low-compression tennis balls are designed to, bounce lower and move slower through the air, giving kids more time to get ready for the next shot. Each age group uses a ball best suited to its size and unique playing ability to help build confidence and increase enjoyment of the game.

8 and Under
Red Foam and Red Felt Low-Compression Tennis Balls
Red Foam and
Red Felt Low-Compression
Tennis Balls
9 – 10
Orange Low-Compression Tennis Balls
Tennis Balls
11 and Up
Green Low-Compression Tennis Balls
Tennis Balls

Smaller and Lighter Racquets – Kids’ tennis racquets are designed for small hands, making them easier to grip and swing.

Youth Tennis Racquets

Adjusted Scoring – The scoring for youth tennis matches is modified to allow for shorter matches and more competitive experiences for your child. Children just want to play, and the more they can play the faster they will develop.

To learn more about you tennis or to find additional play opportunities, please visit: www.10andundertennis.com