Adult Outdoor Fall

Cycle Dates: Sept 6th– Oct 25th. Duration: 7 sessions.

Power Hour Program

60 minute program with a focus on technical and situational development and point play. Classes are run within a high cardio dynamic to maximize the amount of balls hit. Three levels; Learn to Play (beg), Play Better (adv beg) and Performance (advanced). Great way to meet new level appropriate players!

Learn to Play6:30-7:30 pmWednesday245Waldstein
Learn to Play6:30-7:30 pmThursday245Waldstein
Learn to Play11:00-12:00 pmSaturday245Amory
Learn to Play11:00-12:00 pmSunday245Amory
Play Better6:30-7:30 pmTuesday245Waldstein
Play Better7:30-8:30 pmWednesday245Waldstein
Play Better NEW6:30-7:30 pmFriday245Waldstein
Play Better8:00-9:00 amSaturday245Amory
Play Better10:00-11:00 amSaturday245Amory
Play Better9:00-10:00 amSunday245Amory
Performance6:30-7:30 pmMonday245Waldstein
Performance8:30-9:30 pmWednesday245Waldstein
Performance6:30-7:30 pmThursday245Waldstein
Performance9:00-10:00 amSaturday245Amory
Performance8:00-9:00 amSunday245Amory
Performance10:00- 11:00 amSunday245Amory

Live Ball Program

90 minute program with a focus on situational tennis: emphasis on developing better doubles players through positioning, shot selection and the development of a “playbook”. P-90’s are run within a high cardio dynamic, Rally’s have more point play and start of constructing a “playbook”. Programs are designed for upper level players, able to serve, rally and play points. Two levels; Rally 1 (intermediate) and Rally 2 (advanced) options.

P-9010:00-11:30 amMonday301Amory
P-9010:00-11:30 amWednesday301Amory
P-9010:00-11:30 amFriday301Amory
AM Rally 110:00-11:30 amTuesday280Amory
AM Rally 110:00-11:30 amThursday280Amory
Rally Nite 17:30-9:00 pmMonday280Waldstein
Rally Nite 17:30-9:00 pmThursday280Waldstein
Rally Nite 27:30-9:00 pmMonday280Waldstein
Rally Nite 27:30-9:00 pmTuesday280Waldstein
Rally Nite 1 NEW7:30-9:00 pmFriday280Waldstein
Rally Nite 2 NEW7:30-9:00 pmFriday280Waldstein

  • Cancellation Policy
    * Cancellations before the first day of a new cycle may receive a full credit on account
    * All credit card refunds will be assessed a 3% cancellation fee if cancelled before 14 days of the first day of the new cycle.
    * All credit card refunds will be assessed a 10% cancellation fee if cancelled within 14 days of the first day of the new cycle


  • NETRESULTS reserves the right to make changes based on the level of players in each class
    We are required by the Brookline Dept of Health to follow all COVID safety guidelines established by the CDC.

uspta-logo-dmbPOWER HOUR LEVELS
Learn to Play : Beginner adults that have had minimal or no prior experience playing
Play Better: Advanced beginner adults that have had lessons prior but not yet playing matches
Performance: Intermediate adults that are current or former players that have match experience

P-90’s : Advanced players looking for more doubles situational focus
Rally 1: Advanced beginner/Intermediate players looking for more pro monitored doubles point play
Rally 2: Advanced players with match experience focusing on strategy, positioning and shot selection