Developmental Tennis Camp Overview

An ideal opportunity to allow your child to develop through a series of progressions for technique, footwork and the early stages of point play.

  • The camp has been responsible for the development of the passion required to become a young tennis player, maybe with aspirations of one day playing on the Brookline High School tennis teams as many of our past campers have done. It is our goal to create a safe and comfortable environment for the kids to enjoy and thrive.
  • Our kids are supported by an experienced team that has been together for some time and have become so very good at the daily presentations of drills and games for our jrs to develop.
  • We have some of the finest coaches in the region, most of which are international players that play for Division I universities throughout the US. The kids will divide into potentially 5 levels of training based on age and skill level and will train and compete within that team. We will take the kids through the multiple formats of both doubles and singles competitions in a mini match format. Results are tracked and the action is tracked on the big white board daily, helping the kids understand the importance on the morning training. It makes our job easier as the kids come back motivated to move up the ladder the next morning

Developmental Level

  • Young Stars: (Ages 4-6) Entry level beginners, just starting to develop hand eye skills, loads of fun
  • Futures: (Ages 7-10) Advanced beginners, juniors that have begun instruction but not yet playing
  • ATP I: (Ages 10-12) Intermediate level, jrs with lesson experience just starting to play matches (prefer AM camp)
  • ATP III: (Ages 13-16) Advanced beginner level, juniors with lesson experience just starting to play matches