High Performance Training Program

Train with champions this summer in Brookline!


  • Junior Summer Jam Weeks Fee: $329
  • Weekly / All Day; Monday – Friday 8:30-11:30 and 12:30-3:30 pm
  • All Outdoor Programs @ Waldstein Park
  • Indoor Option at the High School Pavilion
  • $309 / multiple wks

NETRESULTS is pleased to announce that staff this summer for our High Performance Tennis program will be comprised of former ITF ranked jr players / current collegiate players in Brookline this summer to specifically assist your child to their next level of development. These players bring an international perspective on developing players as they have progressed through some of the finest academies in the world. Led by the NETRESULTS staff, the training program will focus on continued technical development and to share the insights into competition and what it takes to win! Players will train in level / age specific programs, fitness integrated into their daily dynamic. We look forward to the opportunity to put your child on the right path!

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For High Performance Players Only

  • ATP I: (Ages 10-12) Intermediate level, jrs with lesson experience just starting to play matches
  • ATP II: (Ages 12-16) Advanced players, juniors that have begun tournament or high school team players